2019-08-31 01:40:28




1. I’ve always liked snacking on a chocolate bar in the mid-afternoon, yet I’ve never put on any weight because of this. 


snack on sth 吃...(零食)

chocolate bar 巧克力棒

put on weight 增肥

2. I don’t quite like reading newspapers. Magazines appeal to me more. 


appeal to ... 對...有吸引力

3. The feeling of walking around a museum with many historic artifacts on display really appeals to me. 


artifact 手工藝品(尤指有歷史或文化價值的)

on display 陳列、展出

4. What I major in doesn’t quite appeal to me. I regret choosing this major. 


major in ... 主修... 

5. I absolutely adore picnicking and I do it every weekend. 


adore ... 熱愛... 

6. I quite enjoy traveling during public holidays. It’s a great opportunity to recharge my batteries. 


recharge my batteries 放鬆、休整

7. I know it sounds weird, but I quite enjoy gazing at the sky for a while every night before hitting the hay. 


gaze at ... 注視...、盯着...

hit the hay 上牀睡覺

8. Reading is my biggest passion. I can’t go a day without reading a few pages of a book. 


I can’t go a day without ... 每天必須... 

9. I’m not a fan of countryside life. I can’t stand not having shopping centers within easy reach. 


a big fan of ... 非常喜歡...的人

stand 忍受...

within easy reach 很近、靠近

10. I’m a people person. I can’t stand being alone for more than three hours, except when I’m sleeping of course. 


a people person 喜歡/擅長交際的人

11. I’m a huge fan of Weibo, the most popular social networking site in China. I’m on it 24/7. 


social networking site 社交網站

24/7 每時每刻(每週七天,每天二十四小時)

12.  It gives me great pleasure when I hang out with friends. 


13. My sister is crazy about swimming and I guess this is part of the reason why she has an hourglass figure. 


be crazy about ... 對...迷戀、對...狂熱

an hourglass figure 豐乳肥臀的身材

14. I used to be crazy about watching romcoms. I’ve changed a great deal over the years. 


romcom=romantic comedy 浪漫喜劇

a great deal 很多、大量

15. The girl that I have a crush on is crazy about photography, so I’m thinking of buying her a camera. 


have a crush on ... 對某人迷戀

16. Both my dad and I have a penchant for skiing from which we derive a lot of pleasure. 


penchant for sth 對...的喜愛

derive pleasure from ... 從...中獲得樂趣

17. I had a penchant for math when I was growing up and I was even called a genius by many people. 


when I was growing up 在我小的時候

genius 天才

18. I have a penchant for buying shoes. It gives me the greatest pleasure.


19. All my friends have told me that I have a good voice and I should try to become a singer. I’m just not that into singing. 


be into ... 喜歡...

20. It’s common for girls to be into shopping. I’m no exception. 


no exception 也不例外

21. My younger brother spends most of his spare time watching TV, whereas I just can’t seem to take any interest in it. 


22. I’m passionate about music, especially hip-hop. Wilber Pan is my all-time favorite singer. 


all-time favorite 一直以來最喜歡的

23. Those people who are passionate about learning history seem to be more articulate. 


articulate 善於表達的、能言善道的

24. Reading newspapers is not my thing. I prefer to get updated on what’s going on in the world through social media. 


not my thing 並非我所好

get/be updated on ... 瞭解...的最新消息

25. Going to parks is not my thing. I prefer to stay home and play the guitar in my downtime. 


in my downtime 在我休息的時間

26. Science has never been my cup of tea. It’s too complex for me. 


not my cup of tea 並非我所好

complex 複雜的

27. Cycling is not my cup of tea, especially in the summertime, as riding a bike for even ten minutes could make me all sweaty. 


sweaty 大汗淋漓的、汗流浹背的

28. I’m a computer buff. My friends always come to me if their computers need to be fixed. 


a ... buff ...的愛好者

29. I may not look like it, but I’m actually a dance fiend. I specialize in locking.


a ... fiend ...的迷/愛好者

specialize in ... 專門研究/從事...、專攻...

30. My roommate is a crossword fiend. It takes up almost half of her spare time. 


take up ... 佔...(時間、空間...)