2019-04-14 02:08:04

[Devine] Joey Crawford: David Stern ordered me to get therapy after ejecting Tim Duncan for laughing


[–]OllieBollie06 1776 指標 9小時前*

Well yeah, you ejected someone for essentially minding their own fucking business.


[–]NuggetsEricStoltz-MaskMorty 504 指標 7小時前

Happily minding their own business at that.


[–]NBAzxc123zxc123 227 指標 6小時前

I feel you all and Stern have it all wrong.

Sure it LOOKED like Timmy was just minding his own business and having a cheery ol' time, but to those with keen court vision and knows Duncan could see he was losing it. Joey saw the truth. Rose would have agreed with the call.



Tim Duncan was not just happily minding his own business, but he was EXTREMELY happy. Like OVERLY JOYED. OVER THE TOP. Duncan was getting out of control. Expressing his emotions. Talking to people. SMILING!


It was beyond the point where Duncan was in control of himself or his emotions.

Who know's what Tim might have done next? Tip Popovich over? Or worse yet, some fan?

Joey made the right call.




[–][CHI] Derrick Rosesnakeincup 120 指標 8小時前

Well you were being a colossal power tripping dick, which was pretty much par the course for ol Joey, so yeah makes sense.


[–]coocookazoo 95 指標 9小時前

That's right, Timmy deserves justice


[–]Trail BlazersDgeneratte 35 指標 8小時前

He also got fined 100,000. How much do refs make?


[–]Mavericks TankwagonCreamOfSumYungFella 60 指標 7小時前

Anywhere from $150-550k, depending on how long they've been doing it. $100k seems pretty stiff.


[–]RaptorsTheSimonToUrGarfunkl 40 指標 5小時前

Well when you fuck up the player-referee trust in a multi billion dollar league almost singlehandedly and we are still talking about it 10 years later, it's rather small.



[–]RaptorsShapeOfAUnicorn 160 指標 9小時前

wtf I love David Stern now


[–][SAS] Dejounte MurrayMisterShazam 341 指標 9小時前

Wow, David Stern, my new favorite NBA commissioner All-Time.


[–]Lakersquandrawn 173 指標 8小時前

Nope, never.


[–]KingsTheFoxKing5 75 指標 4小時前

I will always maintain that Stern was the commissioner the nba needed at the time. If Silver was the top boss at the time we wouldn't have the thriving nba we have today. I like Silver, but he's a pushover. Which is fine because he makes a lot of popular decisions and statements.


But Stern was much more... stern in his approach to the league and the sports world in general. I think he was a better commissioner because he had to make significantly more difficult choices. Plus he never would have let that cap-spike shit fly if he was still around.



[–][LAL] Jose Calderonvictor396 1397 指標 1 天前 

We talk about mental health and players but the anger management Crawford did back in the day was, apparently, fundamental in his career.

Props to Stern for promoting it before it was better known or even laughed at (like Metta).



[–]Trail Blazers_Quetzalcoatlus_ 194 指標 7小時前

Yeah, everyone is this thread is calling Crawford a dick or just laughing at the title, but it's a good read. I don't think people understand how challenging it is to be a ref in basketball. It's probably the hardest sport to officiate, and you constantly have to deal with players, fans, and coaches yelling at you and calling you names. And there is no real opportunity to defend yourself. You just have to suck it up and stay calm, even when no one else is.


He would tell me, ‘Joe, if you feel [the anger] coming on, just do something with your hands. Put them by your side or behind your back.’ He told me, ‘Keep reminding yourself, calm down, calm down. If somebody was getting on me about a bad call, he’d remind me, ‘Slow your breathing down. Remind yourself you’re a good ref.’ Those things helped me get through my last 10 years in the NBA.


Credit to Crawford for following through and addressing his anger issues.


[–]Raptorsrealsomalipirate 54 指標 6小時前

The worst thing about the sub and sports fandom in general is the abuse towards the refs. It's disgusting.


[–][MIA] Mike BibbyBZGames 240 指標 7小時前

People clowned on Metta for thanking his therapist after winning the championship


[–]Ihatemelo 194 指標 7小時前

Metta was lauded and praised for it. Are we talking about the adult opinion at the time or the teenage social media opinion? I remember distinctly everyone saying how courageous he was to talk about it.


[–]Notoriouslydishonest 139 指標 6小時前

It's the internet.

If 100 people support something and 5 disagree, everyone gets worked up about the "trolls".



[–]Slo*河蟹* 25 指標 8小時前

Whats up with all the articles about this all of a sudden?


[–][LAC] Blake GriffinSTICK_OF_DOOM 40 指標 8小時前

Joey was featured in an ESPN article recently so a lot of new info is coming out.


[–]macbeth_htebcam 12 指標 4小時前

It's kind of insane that in Joey Crawford and in the writer's mind that this was the one and only mark on an otherwise sterling career. He was awful. He couldn't get over himself, the Duncan incident was just the last straw. I love how he kind of blames Duncan for laughing too.