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Charles Barkley: "Money ruins all your relationships. No matter what you do for your family, it's never enough. All your friends think because you're rich, you should bail them out of every situation. The only time I had any peace and quiet was on the basketball court."


"People don't understand what these guys in the African-American community go through," longtime agent Aaron Goodwin says. "It's so hard for them to separate themselves from the people they grew up with. It leads to withdrawal, anxiety. There's guilt about turning their backs on people they care about but who aren't good influences in their lives.


“人們不理解非裔美國人羣體經歷着什麼”,資深經紀人Aaron Goodwin表示,“他們很難將自己與那些陪伴他們成長的人分割開來。這讓他們退卻,焦慮。如果他們拒絕幫助自己所在意的那些人,自己就會有負罪感,可是那些人卻又並沒有給自己的生活帶來好的影響。”

There's this pressure of, 'I have to succeed because so many people are counting on me.' And then there's all the people with their hands out because everyone wants money."


Barkley remembers those days well. As a rookie with the Sixers, he felt compelled to assist his family and his boys from Leeds financially. But as the years went on, accommodating everyone who had a hand out became a burden, a distraction -- and a trigger for stress.


"Money ruins all your relationships," Barkley says. "No matter what you do for your family, it's never enough. All your friends think because you're rich, you should bail them out of every situation.

"The only time I had any peace and quiet was on the basketball court."



[–]CavaliersAShinyTorchic 2352 指標 6小時前

People flame chuck all the time for his takes but this seems like he hit the nail on the head.


[–]CorneliusHussein 665 指標 5小時前

I think he plays a character like most TV personalities but that doesn't change the fact the man was a NBA player and knows what they're all going through. Sure he says some ridiculous shit on TV but hes still Charles Barkley at the end of the day. You can still flame his takes and agree with this..


[–]LakersoOoleveloOo 351 指標 5小時前*

Charles is incredibly aware... Even when he was playing. Look at the I Am Not A Role Model commercial


[–]JazzNotPornAccount2293 132 指標 5小時前

That commercial makes me so happy. The editing is shit but the message is phenomenal.



[–]ThunderH3rQ133z 80 指標 4小時前

My coworker and his wife sat next to Charles Barkley like two nights ago in Chicago at some restaurant/bar and took a picture with him but wont let me post it!! But he said Chuck was chill and actually really nice and talkative with my coworker!


[–]Trail BlazersProteus_Marius 461 指標 6小時前

Lottery winners often find themselves in the same predicament.


[–]fdoom 69 指標 6小時前

Probably don't feel like a whole community contributed to their success though, since it's pure luck.


[–]Hawkshawaythebads 101 指標 6小時前

It's even worse for them. Because people act like they dont deserve it. And since they didnt earn it they should give as much as possible away. And if you refuse they grow angry because they see it as well you had nothing yesterday.. what's 10k when you've been handed a mil?


Apparently the best thing to do if you win the lotto is rent a hotel for a week or two and go off the grid because as soon as charities find out who you are the phone doesn't stop ringing


[–]WizardsPM_ME_KNEE_SLAPPERS 283 指標 6小時前

I read a documentary on a guy who already owned a business and was considered wealthy before he won a large jackpot. He tried to help people with his new found money and even hired a PI to investigate if everyone who wanted money was legit. People ended up killing his grand daughter trying to get his money. It was terrible. All this happened to someone that knew how to deal with large amounts of money.



[–]BullsTommyleTerror 121 指標 4小時前

Haven't seen the documentary, but I grew up in Teays Valley, WV, where this guy is from. He might have known how to deal with large amounts of money at one point, but definitely not after the lottery. Dude routinely had half a mil, cash, in his trunk while going to hole-in-the-wall strip joints and flaunting his money around in front of some shady, and often desperate, characters.

我沒看過這個紀錄片,但是我成長於西弗吉尼亞的Teays Valley,那個老哥就是這兒的人。他可能曾經知道如何妥善處理鉅款,但是中彩票之後絕對就不是這樣了。中了彩票之後,他經常把50萬美元的現金放在自己的後備箱裏,去什麼髒亂差的脱衣舞俱樂部,然後在一些陰暗又為了錢什麼事都能幹得出來的人面前炫富。

I only ever heard that his grand daughter overdosed and likely had her body hidden and thrown out by people she was using with, but I don't know if anything was officially confirmed by police or coroners. I'll have to watch the documentary, because growing up there, he definitely wasn't thought of as someone who had it all together and the lottery turned the world against him.


[–][BOS] Jaylen BrownYe_Biz 1293 指標 7小時前

Mo Money Mo Problems


[–]MavericksBobbyFischerG 945 指標 6小時前

When you're rich everyone wants a piece, you'll find that you have uncles and couisins you never knew you had.


[–]WizardsPM_ME_KNEE_SLAPPERS 469 指標 6小時前

When you're rich everyone wants a piece

I've seen families torn apart over inheritance money. It's crazy.



[–]JazzNotPornAccount2293 279 指標 5小時前

My friend's grandpa was (allegedly) killed by his brother when they disagreed on whether to keep the family farm or sell it to a large corporation. The farm was valued in the millions and one brother wouldn't sell his share, he disappeared one night and no one heard from him again. The other brother sold the farm and cut his brother's kids out of the deal, becoming a wealthy man overnight and leaving his nieces and nephews destitute.


[–]CelticsCeltsGarlic 169 指標 4小時前

Damn, imagine living after killing your brother for money.. I just simply cant.


[–]Trail BlazersCounterkulture 86 指標 4小時前

Most likely a total sociopath/psychopath. As scary as it is, there are people walking around who can pull evil shit like this, and sincerely not have it bother them on any level... and can go to bed at night and sleep like a baby.


[–][BOS] James Youngwalterdog12 509 指標 7小時前*

It's the one thing most rookies are almost never prepared for it seems. You see it every year with rookies (not even just the top lottery picks) going out and buying like a 4 million dollar car  and a house for their parents, and just like that nearly half their money's gone and they haven't even hit summer league yet.


I know the league has like 1 or 2 (I think mandatory) pre-draft classes/talks you have to sit through from former NBA players talking about money and how they blew it and financial advisors and whatnot, but honestly I doubt any of that works as intended.


[–]LakersErnieCaruso 413 指標 7小時前

like a 4 million dollar car




[–]NBAanorexicpig 247 指標 7小時前

Yeah that might be a bit of an exaggeration lmfaooo


[–]ProfessorPetrus 225 指標 6小時前

This is the poor person version of "how much could a banana cost? 20 dollars?"


[–][BOS] James Youngwalterdog12 52 指標 7小時前

Yeah lol I think I was thinking two houses, but for some reason typed car, lol.


[–]Spursnocussingyoushitcunt 102 指標 7小時前



[–][BOS] James Youngwalterdog12 122 指標 6小時前

Can Boston fans legally do that?


[–]EastSweetAlpacaLove 115 指標 6小時前

I remember a Ben Simmons insta where he is showing off a car collection that would really only make sense for a billionaire, then starts ragging on Markelle for sensibly driving a Honda. He better stay healthy and start making smarter choices with his money.


[–]Cavalierscampbellhw 125 指標 6小時前

Markelle has a Mercedes S63 AMG, Mercedes G63 AMG, Rolls-Royce Wraith, and Dodge Challenger Hellcat, he doesn't drive a Honda anymore lol

富爾茨現在有輛奔馳S63 AMG,一輛奔馳G63 AMG,一輛勞斯萊斯幻影,還有一輛克萊斯勒的道奇挑戰者Hellcat,他現在可不開本田啦哈哈。

[–]Bullsbjankles 1039 指標 7小時前

My brother went to a super elite college, and made some very rich friends. Like, 'nine figures' rich. I've met them a few times, and a big part of how they make it work is to simply act like regular people when it comes to money. They don't offer to pay for things, they don't spend more than the people around them spend, they never, ever talk about it. Honestly even once you know, you totally forget how rich they are after spending a bit of time with them. I think that might be the best you can do in their situation.


[–]NBAmuad_dibs 331 指標 7小時前

New money rich is different from old money rich.


[–]CelticsOseanStratagy 132 指標 6小時前

bingo - one of my best friends has dumb old money. my buddy still venmos me for shit just like my other non-dumb old money friends. just how it should be.

that said u feel for these dudes who have their community lookin for help. how do you say no to that?



[–]andyDmack1 100 指標 6小時前*

I have an uncle who is 9 figures rich, he is a tech guy and sold his company for around 300 million. He drives a honda civic, hes worn the same Jean's and shoes for the last 20 years it seems like. He has a nice house he bought for around 800k but hes not flashy at all.


He paid for his 4 kids to go to college, and goes on lots of vacations but just looking at him you would have no idea. I never understood how I see guys begging for money on the streets with nicer shoes then I am wearing, or guys with gold chains but dont own a car, it's always been weird to me.


[–]JazzMaclin26[🍰] 926 指標 7小時前

That wouldnt really work for professional athletes. It takes 5 seconds to google their contract information.


[–][LAL] Kobe BryantDongsquad420BlazeIt 279 指標 6小時前*

FWIW Kawhi was still driving that 1997 Chevy Tahoe and clipping coupons. If he wasn't a recognizable figure, you wouldn’t know he was rich.


[–]76ersTr3xd3x 145 指標 6小時前

No way Kawhi is clipping coupons lol


[–][LAL] Kobe BryantDongsquad420BlazeIt 146 指標 6小時前


[–]76ersTr3xd3x 264 指標 6小時前

I mean he does use them , but its not like he goes to the newspaper and cuts the coupons , he is sponsored by wingstop and they send them so he can eat for free. Almost everytime a player is sponsored by a brand he gets the brand's product for free , I wouldn't really call it clipping coupons.


[–]Rockets BandwagonNotDougMcDermott 127 指標 6小時前

Getting paid millions to eat for free


clipping coupons


[–]RocketsMisterPhamtastic 132 指標 6小時前

Although not at the same scale I grew up very poor and now I clear about 20K a month at 27, I hide this fact with potential partners and old friends by not buying stupid shit and dumping money into ETFs instead.


[–]Disco__Lemonade 110 指標 5小時前

hey its me your cousin

you game? wanna help fund my startup?



[–]RocketsMisterPhamtastic 103 指標 5小時前

Show me your tits

My cousins and I are close



[–]MavericksSUBPARFUBAR 180 指標 6小時前

I'd trade every relationship I have for a cool hunnad milly.


[–]Skibibbles 236 指標 6小時前

That's how you end up miserable.


[–]Timberwolvesthe___heretic 257 指標 6小時前

Already miserable so it's no loss really.