2019-04-14 02:07:58

Draymond Green guards all 5 players in one possession



[–]Spurssiphillis 1015 指標 5小時前

Draymond's defensive instincts are unrivaled. It's almost like he can see the game from the broadcast angle.


[–]samuelchasan 90 指標 2小時前

I’ve always said it doesn’t matter who plays for golden state, or even in the league, Draymond Green plays larger than anyone. The guy is literally everywhere, with endless energy, probably the worst player to play against for that reason, and one of the best teammates, for the same reason.


[–]Trail Blazersstupid_sexyflanders 540 指標 4小時前

Ugh, the way he immediately runs off of Turner after Turner passes it into the post is so disrespectful but so smart. Fuck you ET, learn to shoot.


[–][POR] Damian LillardRyadad 124 指標 2小時前

See there’s optimism and then there’s desperation. I think we’re in the latter. Speaking of which, any teams out there willing to take on 17 million?


[–][LAL] A.C. Greencheesefries45 85 指標 2小時前

Only if you want 18 million in the form of Luol Deng


[–][GSW] Omri CasspiSteel_Conserative 348 指標 6小時前

He straight up dominated that series.


[–]je7ans 245 指標 4小時前

2 on 1 break where Draymond is the 1? Advantage: Draymond



[–]MavericksDirkNowitzkisWife 200 指標 5小時前*

I don’t want to sound high brow or elitist, but I remember reading a Zach lowe article where he talked about progressing to watching players without the ball and how much you see. When I started doing that i realized Draymond is one of the most fun players in the league to watch. You can almost see the gears turning in his head, he doesn’t have to touch the ball and he’s everywhere

我不是在賣弄自己懂得多或者文縐縐啊,不過我記得Zach Lowe有一篇文章裏面談到看球的下一個形態就是觀察無球的球員,並注意他們的一舉一動。


[–][PHI] Joel EmbiidtheAfricanEmbiid 250 指標 5小時前

The dude you would love to have on your team and hate to play against.... I fucking hate him.


[–]Warriorsla_locura_la_lo_cura 59 指標 3小時前

People keep saying he's not a max player . . .


[–][PHI] Joel EmbiidTheFadedSpade 56 指標 3小時前

Realistically he should get something close to the max.


[–]Timberwolvessambills 647 指標 4小時前

Draymond absolutely dominates games without scoring more than 10 points, one of the most unique players in a long time


[–][PHI] Joel EmbiidTheFadedSpade 239 指標 3小時前

That's why I love Dray even though I hate GS. Ngl I like almost all the players on GSW just the team itself I hate cause they so good 😭


[–]Warriorschaoism 55 指標 2小時前

This is just like how I like almost all players on the 2016 Cavs team but hates the team itself because we lost to them


[–]76ersindoninjah 76 指標 3小時前

Yeah I mean there wasn't a lot to hate until KD came along. They were a team that sucked for a while and drafted their way to a championship. Even annoying players like Draymond had a core game that you could respect greatly.


[–]SunsUrRightAndIAmWong 121 指標 2小時前

Nah, they were pretty well hated before KD. Draymond's kicks, his loudness, Curry's dancing/showboating, being a 73 win team. This sub was over the Warriors after the first championship.


[–][NBA] Dion WaitersWhatYouProbablyMeant 71 指標 4小時前

that's my DPOY


[–]Warriorsdaboonie9 70 指標 2小時前

“Put him on another team and see how he does”

Yeah he’s still be a DPOY level player



[–]ShadowOutOfTime 42 指標 4小時前

He's got plenty of career left to see, but it's not crazy to think he might go down as the best help defender of all time. As others have said in this thread it's really crazy to see a player dominating an entire game while also scoring like, 9 points or whatever. Such a unique player.


[–]SupersonicsThaVaudevilleVillain 92 指標 4小時前

best defender in the nba fite me. should have two dpoys


[–]muzinger 62 指標 4小時前

Why would anybody fight you. It's not a controversial take.


[–]NuggetsRickyRavioliii 35 指標 5小時前

He's pretty much the best help defender since Bill Russel and thats no joke. He's underrated during the playoffs big time, you can value your shot blocking center but drayman is a guy who is also elite at paint protection while being able to defend way the fuck out there while the lumbering center needs defensive schemes to keep him in the paint without getting abused.


[–]Bucksthisishorsepoop 48 指標 5小時前

KG would like a word with you


[–][TOR] Kyle LowryN3rdMan 46 指標 5小時前*

KG was better in the paint but Draymond is better on the perimeter. Both played in different eras where their help defense was invaluable.

Edit : Downvote me but no explanation?



[–]Lakers BandwagonPENIS__FINGERS 50 指標 5小時前

explanation: they hate draymond green lol